So long summer….

Well I went quiet for a few weeks on account of it being the summer holidays. We managed a second camping trip to Pinecones campsite this time with the doggies in tow. It was fantastic! Really friendly, great park and dog friendly too. Their individual shower rooms were amazing with radio piped in day and night …. Made a 4am trip out of the sleeping bag a little more enjoyable. So yes we shall go back their.

The rest of the holiday has been spent catching up with friends and family. In the last few days I have decorated and organised my study as, alas, I’m back to work tomorrow. I love teaching but this year I already feel pressured to justify exam results where students didn’t put the work in despite our effects, didn’t attend extra revision sessions despite our efforts as ultimately the powers that be will want me to explain what I didn’t do to get that child the grade a computer program decided they should get. 

I’m also dreading the curriculum changes. This year sees 2 different GCSE being taught in my subject with the new one not really being given the teaching time needed (school decision not mine) and the 2nd year of the new A level being taught for the first time. Doing the long term plan for my dept is a nightmare and shows I can’t fit it in but I somehow have to! So the plan isn’t ready to publish.

Education has been my life for 16 years. I love seeing that light bulb moment or that kid who says they can’t go it getting the grade they worked so hard for. Unfortunately the last few years have turned into the most demoralising. I mark each classes homework every week, a level classes can take up to 3 hours per class and with 5 a level classes that’s a lot before you account for the 3 GCSE classes. I only work 4 days a week as I’m part time! Over the past few years we have been beaten up by the government for being lazy ….. Most of us aren’t, we give up unpaid lunches to do revision sessions, help kids or run clubs. Most of us work every evening (for me that included Sunday evening and during the day and evening of my day off). Powers that be tell us we should all mark in a certain way, pupil dialogue (I’ve you mark their work and wrote a question, they respond to it and you mark that as well as the next homework next time you take in books!). 

All in all teaching is not what is was and in a few years I will leave the profession as the stress is already taking its toll…. I truly love my job and that is being in the classroom helping kids to learn new things.

So tomorrow spare a thought for those hard working teaches who will be supporting future generations and who won’t get a break from working til next summer (yes we may not be in school during half term and holidays but I guarantee we are working at home trying to catch up). And on that note I’m off to read my work emails, goodnight y’all.