Getting our camp on

Just over 3 years ago we purchase our first tent. Both of us have good jobs but with mortgages, bills, childcare etc there isn’t much left for expensive holidays. Let’s face it school holiday prices are stupidly high, some people spend all year saving for a break in the sun. So one year we came to the conclusion that we had to rethink holidays if we really wanted more than a short weekend break once a year. Tent, after much extensive research by husband, basic one grill cooker, air beds etc purchased and we headed off to Cromer for our first camping trip. We loved it. Having 2 hyperactive boys, the fresh air and freedom was fantastic. I was bought up on caravan holiday so trips to the showers and toilets weren’t a huge thing and the boys (including the oldest one aka hubby) all adjusted within minutes. And thus begun our camping journey.

Since then we have changed the tent to something a bit bigger, unfortunately as we forgot to air it last year it has some mound spots now which I can’t remove …. I’m trying to convince the hubby to change it now. We also purchased new self inflating mats. The Outwell 10cm dream catcher is amazing! This year I purchased,in the sale, a little coffee pot as I’m a coffee person and instant just doesn’t cut it for me.

 So I’m sat listening to the light rain showers with hot coffee. My boys are wide awake already and happily scoffing breakfast. The campsite is wonderful, the play area is amazing! There is no bar so it’s quiet. I’m feeling recharged! If you’ve never tried camping before just go for it.