Decamping and the aftermath

So tonight is our last night at Woodhill Park. I have to say I will be back, it’s such a wonderful family place and we have had a truly fantastic time. Now starts the process of decamping, dirty washing packed in a bag, clean clothes (yes we have a few items) in another. The children’s rucksack is packed and bedroom area looking the emptiest it has all week. Tomorrow the tables, pots and pans will be packed up all ready for the end of August.

The kids have had a great time, running free, no tv and lots of fresh air to blow those cobwebs away that form over a long half term at school. For them a week of no school does they world of good. The eldest read his new book within 3  days and then discovered old comics in an old book shop so started on those. The youngest has been working his way through ‘Alice through the looking glass’ and is enjoying it. Just disconnecting for a week from the constraints of a house works for us as a family.

Tonight we will end the week as we started … Yes a fish and chip supper, glasses of prosseco and lots of laughter in the chill of a summers evening (probably with blankets over our legs).