Colours everywhere

So now I appear to be winning the battle with the holiday washing, albeit briefly, today I have squeezed in a little quiet time inbetween demands of 2 growing and always hungry children. The other day I stumbled across the perfect colouring book for me. Yes a Disney Princess one. I love everything Disney, have since a child. I’m the adult that on my honeymoon, and subsequent visit to celebrate our 4th anniversary, queued with the children to have my photo taken with as many characters as possible. I adore Beauty and the Beast, it is my ultimate Disney film and I won’t lie, I am very excited about the new film next year. Belle has been my favourite Princess since I first watched the film at the grand age of 16. So this colouring book is just perfect for me. This morning I retired to bed with said book, pencils and a coffee whilst hubby oversaw the feeding at the zoo that is breakfast in our house.

A lovely relaxing 10mins before the demands for mummy got me out of bed again.
The morning was spent with my children doing various things but I have squeezed in so much needed hooking time. Yes crochet city. I love crochet! This time I’m using one of my absolute fav dyers yarn, the lovely Lindsay at Dye Candy’s My Little Pony Yarn. So I started a lovely blanket that will contain all the Pony yarn from Dye Candys My Little Pony collect. The pattern is simple (it’s on Ravelry) and it’s working up a treat.

This colour is ‘Applejack’ and is just so pretty. I can’t wait to see this grow.

But for now I must go walk the pooches and children before tea, so happy afternoon people.