Pitter patter … I can hear the rain

Since Saturday we have had glorious weather for camping. Yesterday it rained at 6am briefly but the afternoon proved to be a warm and wonderful day fitting for a pub lunch and a few ginger beers followed by a stroll to the beach to look in the rock pools or rather, in the case of my youngest, an impromptu paddle resulting in a stroll home in pants! Today we strolled back to the beach, spent a few hours looking at rocks whilst the sun played some elaborate game of tag with the clouds before heading to the local tea room for lunch. Unfortunately they couldn’t seat all of us (2 families) so headed but to the same pub for more delicious food. If you ever happen to be in West Runton I can thoroughly recommend The Village Inn, the fish and chips was amazing, as was the crab and fries, beef rib and the children were full to the brim with their generous children’s meals.

Walking back we played race the black clouds and I’m happy to report we won with mere minutes to spare. Now, after a quick trip to the super market, we are sat listening to the soothing sounds of rain on our tent, having some quiet time and for me a Crabbies ginger beer whilst the smell of the roast chicken we will have for tea, fills our tent.

Happy Thursday 


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