Hose pipe fun and camping

So boiling hot today! My classroom was stuffy by midday, thankfully I had no teaching this afternoon so I got the rare treat of picking the children up from school on a Monday. 1 came outer school complete with jumper on! Anyway a quick trip to the barbers means they look smart and the thick mop of varying shades of blonde hair, that was beginning to resemble straw, was swiftly cut to short neat styles more appropriate for the warm days (yes it will now probably snow next week because of that comment!). 

Anyway it’s madness here preparing for the pooches to go and stay with their aunt at the weekend whilst we got camping. We love camping. I use the Royal we here as I believe we do all enjoy it. I love the amount of fresh air, the ease of sleeping under canvas instead of a stuffy house when it’s warm. I love sitting outside with a breakfast coffee and brioche. I adore seeing my children run free, the limited distractions (we purposefully pick site with limited wifi) but mostly I love just being together. Being in one room to sleep makes me feel so close to my children, when I wake I look over and see them, if one wants a cuddle we are within an arms reach. I love the slower pace we have when camping. As with many working mums I spend my mornings frantically preparing lunches for me and hubby, filling eldest child’s pack lunch box with everything accept sandwiches, that’s dads job, ensuring breakfast is eaten by the children and pooches, drinking 2 cups of coffee and eating my breakfast (either eggs or bacon as I don’t do cereal and milk), getting children partially before walking the pooches and then getting children to breakfast club and all before 7.45am. That doesn’t include the days were washing can go on the line instead of the tumble drier. Evenings are no less hectic. Pick children up anywhere from4.30 to 5.30pm depending on who’s going to get there first, getting tea sorted which usually involves 2 variations to suit all, trying and squeeze in homework, shower time, reading time (always with us) and eventually sleep time. My evening then involves a few hours of marking after that whilst hubby washes up and chills. So for me camping is getting away from the manic life we lead. I love my life but I need this shut down time to realigned myself and to ground me again and to reconnect to my children and husband.

So camping we go at the weekend and I am more than ready for it. Fingers crossed the weather is kind.


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