A little bit of Emma B

I have to admit I love having a special coffee cup and tea mug. Nothing makes me smile more first thing in the morning when waiting for the coffee machine (other than my grumpy children that is) than my favourite cup. And when I get home from a day of trying to enthuse children I love a green tea in one of my favourite mugs. Now these aren’t just any mugs and cups, they’re Emma Bridgewater ones. I adore her patterns. My love started years ago with a simple love heart tray. I love pink so this was me to a tee. Then I got the matching tins. Slowly it progressed to mugs. Not all in the same pattern but that’s the beauty of them, the colours seeminglessly blend from one pattern to another. Now I have pieces from 45 different patterns, generally mugs. When I eventually redo my kitchen a dresser will be a must I think! Until them happy Friday everyone. 


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