Prize for worse mummy goes to ….

Me! Yes it’s been a whole 8 days since my rather large mummy fail concerning my youngest and today my eldest has been on the receiving end. I write this whilst awaiting the fallout for said fail, but first I’ll explain last weeks fail.

Youngest is in an infant school, the school is fantastic, the staff are amazing and the children love the school. As my life isn’t busy enough I’m a governor there too and it was at last weeks meeting I realised my epic mummy fail. Schools across our city had move up days last week. The youngest was spending the whole week with his new teacher and we spoke everyday about how good his day had been. So sat at our meeting and the Head teacher mentions that the 3-5pm slots to go and see your new child’s new classroom and meet the teacher was successful. My brain is already in slow mo after a day at work and the extra marking I had taken on but the ball slowly begins to drop! The session I didn’t go to despite it being my afternoon off! Yes I completely forgot about it! Strike one! Youngest was OK about it but I’m sure he’s storing that for a later date.

Today I feel I surpassed that fail in child terms. Eldest has gone on a school trip which they were super excited about. Dutifully I got up at 5am and prepared an extra large packed lunch, sorted the rucksack, notebook and pen he wanted to take and even remembered the rain Mac just in case. I asked how much money he wanted (school said max of £10 he said £5), not a problem mummy will sort it. So off I went to walk the pooches (yes I walk them before we all leave at 7.40am as evening are crazy), get back load all into the car and off to breakfast club. I spend a fun filled day at school (we have special activities this week) even pop home to let pooches out as mil can’t today. Get to surprise youngest by picking him up from school to instead of after school club. Walking back to the car it dawns on me ….. Yes I didn’t give eldest the money! He’s gone on his trip thinking he has money and I forgot to give it to him! Now this, for a 9 yr old, will be the worse thing ever and prove I’m the worlds worse mummy ever!!!! (Yes new national curriculum the use of more than 1 eclaimation mark is more than warranted here by the way) So even though I know he would have bought a pencil, rubber and maybe a ruler all of which we have in abundance that is not going to matter to a disappointed 9 yr old. 

So I’m sat with my green tea contemplating going to bed before he arrives home! Wish me well people.


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